Will KGC bulk me up?

Will KGC bulk me up?

A lot of women ask me if KILOGEAR CUT is going to "bulk me up". I hear this all the time, "Is this going to make me bigger? I don't want to look bigger." I laugh and tell them NO and I try to explain the science behind KILOGEAR CUT.  

The reason they ask me this is because most people understand that lifting heavy weights builds muscle mass. That is why guys spend so much time on their biceps. They want big arms, so they lift heavy weights. When they or anyone does this, lift heavy weights, you activate your Type 2 "fast twitch" muscle fibers, which are important in developing strength and muscle growth. The "gotcha" with type 2 muscle fibers is that although they generate power, they fatigue really fast. A person's muscle fiber "stimulation" correlates with how long they are under resistance. If they aren't under tension long enough, they won't be able to promote muscle growth effectively. They key is to real strength training is to "lift" (activity) enough weight to build strength and power, while also being able to extend the number of times you can do the activity (reps).

KILOGEAR CUT falls into the resistance strength training bucket, where the wearer is completing more reps with a lighter weight scenario. This higher rep/lower weight methodology activates a different type of muscle fiber, the Type 1 or "slow twitch" muscle fibers. They have less power than the Type 2, but they are endurance based and much slower to fatigue. That means that when you lift lighter weights more times, you are still gaining strength, just a different kind of strength, more focused on muscle endurance. The more you can do this, the more calories you will burn, which helps melt fat, yielding a more toned appearance. 

Therefore, to answer all the ladies out there, KILOGEAR CUT will not make you bigger. In has the opposite effect. KILOGEAR CUT will help you burn more calories in every activity you do. Whether you are working out or working from home, you will burn more calories in that activity. Since the weights on the body cause your muscles to overcome that extra resistance, they muscles work harder without you even knowing it and that is how you get tone. Our motto is based on our results: Designed to Perform, Worn to Transform.

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