Kilogear Cut MORE Fabrics. The benefits of recycled polyester.

Kilogear Cut MORE Fabrics. The benefits of recycled polyester.

A few times each month someone asks me, "What on earth is recycled polyester and why should I care?” To be honest, when I started KILOGEAR, I had never heard of recycled polyester. I also asked the same question. The world loves polyester, including yours truly. It is a super strong material, wrinkle resistant, easy to take care of and it doesn’t absorb moisture. So, what’s the deal with recycled polyester? After doing a little research, I realized the benefits, it was a no brainer. KILOGEAR is a do-good company. Our sole purpose is to help you be the best and strongest version of yourself, so you can help others. We also want to do what we can to help our planet, we have children too. That’s where Recycled Polyester comes in.

On a “molecular level” there is no real difference between polyester and recycled polyester. They are both man-made and both require complicated process to create. However, standard polyester uses non-renewable chemicals, like acid, alchohol and other toxic compounds. The process to create polyester is not the most environmentally friendly. It requires the use of a tons of water, more chemicals and fossil fuels, which ultimately pollute our air, soil and water. That doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies.

So, how is recycled polyester different? 

Recycled polyester is the “green” version of polyester, the environmentally friendly version of polyester. Unlike polyester, recycled polyester is made from PET plastic bottles, and is 100% recyclable. Since it doesn’t require new petroleum, recycled polyester helps lower the demand for new petroleum extraction and reduces our overall carbon footprint. On top of that, producing recycled polyester is better for the climate, creating 75% less CO2 emissions than standard polyester. The final and I think is so cool about recycled polyester is the fact that it helps keep millions of plastic bottles from hitting the landfill. It makes me feel less guilty drinking all my bottled water, now that empty bottles have a purpose. 

The environmental benefits of recycled polyester are clear, but so are benefits for the consumer. For example, recycled polyester is soft, but durable, as it is abrasion resistant. It is also wrinkle and shrink resistant, quick drying and mildew-resistant. Finally, a favorite attribute for me is that it is stain resistant!! 

At KILOGEAR Cut, we are all about technical performance and innovation. Our MORE fabrics are next level, just like our weights. They help you get MORE out of your clothing and your life. The impressive strength of our recycled polyester fibers, help contain the weights and the muscles, without compromising comfort and style. We not only let you do good, by buying and wearing re-newable products, but we help you actually be good, by helping you become the best version of yourself.

Kilogear Cut MORE fabric recycled polyester: 
  • Uses 59% less energy than standard polyester
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 75%
  • Keeps non-biodegradable plastic out of our oceansand landfills
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