12 Facts about KILOGEAR CUT

12 Facts about KILOGEAR CUT

1. KILOGEAR CUT is unlike anything in the marketplace, and the perfect piece of gear everyone should have in their home. The three principles include the small broad weights, spaced over a large surface area, held in place by compression. This perfect combination mimics the way the body naturally stores weight, making it comfortable for the wearer and reduces the stress placed on the joints.

2. KILOGEAR CUT uses leverage to produce more force with significantly less weight than a traditional weight vest. By moving the weights more distally and spaced out evenly on the extremities, KG outperforms a weight vest that weighs nearly three times as much.

3. 7 lbs of KILOGEAR CUT increased calorie expenditure 29% more than the 20 lb weight vest while running.

4. The Men’s KILOGEAR CUT top and bottom weigh 7 lbs and levers like a 30 lb weight vest while the Women’s top and bottom weigh 5-6 lbs and levers like a 25 lb weight vest.

5. All tested participants burned more calories while wearing KILOGEAR CUT compared to a weight vest and rated KILOGEAR CUT significantly more comfortable than the weight vest.

6. During controlled testing, participants wearing KILOGEAR CUT burned 43% more calories while walking.

7. During controlled tests, participants wearing KILOGEAR CUT burned 33% more calories while running.

8. Runners wearing KILOGEAR CUT achieved peak heart rates 17% higher than running at the same speeds without KILOGEAR CUT.

9. Athletes wearing KILOGEAR CUT warmed up and reached target heart rates twice as fast.

10. Participants burned 45% more calories during recovery after exercising with KILOGEAR CUT.

11. Increased heart rate and caloric expenditure was sustained for twice as long after exercise was stopped.

12. Exercising while wearing KILOGEAR CUT results in increased muscle activity, elevated heart rate, and increased calories burned. The end result is more efficient exercise that allows the wearer to get a better workout in a shorter amount of time.


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