KILOGEAR CUT for Football

KILOGEAR CUT weighted tops and bottoms activate the major muscle groups critical to all field positions. Our revolutionary gear helps players realize improved body control, functional strength, power and increased speed. Players that train in our gear play stronger for longer and experience:

  • Increased Peak Performance
  • Faster Changes in Direction
  • Improved Cutting, Blocking and Tackling
  • Increased Quickness and Closing Speed
  • Increased Vertical Jump
  • Increased Throwing Power
  • Faster Footwork
  • Improved Recovery

Designed, developed and tested by elite doctors of sports medicine, former D1/NFL players, coaches, and trainers.

KILOGEAR CUT is weighted, technical performance gear. Our gear can be used in a programmatic strength and conditioning approach for teams, and even customized to individual player needs. The same is true for both SKILL position players, and position players training and conditioning needs.

Allows players to optimize their time in the weight-room, and spend more time on the field of play with their coaches and conditioning at the same time!

Designed, developed and tested by elite doctors of sports medicine, former D1/NFL players, coaches, and trainers

Features, Values and Benefits


  • Doctor Designed Evenly Distributed Weight System.
  • Targets Upper body, Core and Lower Body Muscle Groups.
  • Removable & Scalable Weight System.
  • Revolutionary Advanced Compression Technology.
  • Built In Resistance Weight Training.


  • Improves Functional Strength For Each Position.
  • Strengthens Under Developed Muscles.
  • Increases Stamina and Endurance.
  • Comfortable and Safe to Wear During Practice.
  • Improves Mobility, Stability & Balance.


  • Train Smarter.
  • Increase Training Efficiency.
  • Better Conditioned Athletes.
  • More Time For Instruction.
  • Reduced Injuries.

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KILOGEAR CUT improves the player's upper body strength and control, helping propel the body forward, while maintaining balance, which increases speed overall.

KILOGEAR CUT for Football

KILOGEAR CUT weighted tops activates and strengthens shoulder and arm muscles resulting in improved throwing follow-through, and increased velocity. Great gear for improving receivers arm strength too!

KILOGEAR CUT targets and develops the core muscles of the abdominals and obliques, involved in the balance and weight transfer for activities like jumping and throwing. A stronger core leads to increased agility and mobility, resulting in faster changes in direction, stronger blocks and tackling, as well as increased rotation movements and increased control of body position for the purpose of generating optimum power and transfer of force along the kinetic chain.

KILOGEAR CUT weighted bottoms target the lower body muscles responsible for providing the body with the drive and power as you step into the throw, as well as increased functional leg and hip strength for running, jumping, cutting and tackling.

KILOGEAR CUT increases the body’s overall functional strength responsible for producing the required force in the shortest amount of time, training the body to be stronger and more efficient on the field. Players realize increased coordination, dynamic balance and proprioception (how the body and its individual parts respond to the environment).

KILOGEAR CUT targets key muscle groups, helping athletes prevent muscle imbalance which leads to injury. Imbalance in strength or flexibility can impede agility, quickness and overall performance.

KILOGEAR CUT is the latest in sports medicine for the human body, and can be programed for in-season and off-season conditioning. KILOGEAR CUT is a versatile tool that can be implemented quickly and easily, based on a players needs. Ultimately, KILOGEAR CUT allows coaches more time with their players, learning the game, while conditioning at the same time.

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