Women's OG Weighted Compression Legging

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Army Green

Our "OG" is our Original Weighted legging, perfect for wearing all day, at work, on a walk, running errands or running after your family!  We designed this legging for women that want to turn their normal activities into calorie burning and muscle toning moments. This legging is for women that don't want to go to the gym, but turn their life into the gym. Although all of our weighted leggings do that, this legging provides an all day/all night experience. They are so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing weights! The added resistance provided by our KILOGEAR weights, requires the muscles to work harder without you even knowing it! You'll burn more calories during normal activities and burn even more calories during your workout!


  • Relaxed Compression.
  • Luxuriously Buttery Soft. 
  • Comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Built-in Four Way Stretch provides a flattering shape from every angle.
  • Moderately Cool.
  • Max-Dry Moisture Management.
  • Great for wearing to work, around the house, running errands, walking and other daily low impact activities.
  • All the weights run on an angle, vertically down the leg (two above the knee and two below the knee).
  • Nylon and Spandex Blend.
  • Each leg has the capacity to carry (4) of Steady weights. Each Steady weight  weighs 1/4 pound, so each leg has the capacity to hold 1 pound total. We love these leggings because you can start with two weights, add one more or add all four. If you are a small in most sizes, you are a small in this legging.  
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