Women's CUT Weighted Compression Short Sleeve

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Our Women's CUT Weighted Compression Short Sleeve is super fashionable, comfortable and breathable. It can be worn to any activity, even work! Turn everyday activities into fitness moments or take your current fitness routines to another level!  The resistance our KILOGEAR weights places on the arms requires the arms, back and core muscles to work harder. Every time you go to open a door, talk on the phone or even shake a hand, your body has to work a little harder than before!  Wear this weighted top during a workout and you'll get even more accomplished. The longer you wear the weighted short sleeve, the more tone your arms and core will get!


  • Breathable fabric is perfect for hot activities like dancing, gymnastics, cheer, and yoga.
  • Each arm has two weight pockets that hold the Steady weights. Each Steady Weight weighs .25 pounds! 
  • Accent mesh helps keep you cool!


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