Women's Sidekick Weighted Legging


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Add some color or electricity to your kick!  These leggings are part of our Rapid Response Collection.  We've engineered these leggings to increase performance by providing increased compression and the built in athlete waistband is perfect for active and intense athletes. These leggings are breathable, have built in moisture wicking and help increase blood flow.  They are smooth to the touch and cool on the body, with fantastic elastic recovery. The fit is tight, built for you to build muscle and they are very durable, perfect for the serious athlete or weekend warrior. The placement of the weights help activate multiple muscle groups within the legs and core. KILOGEAR CUT uses gravity to make your body work harder, which results in you getting into shape faster. 


  • Hi-Performance Compression = they will fit tight
  • Smooth and cool on the body = work hard comfortably
  • No Slip Built-In Athlete Waistband  
  • Hyper Cool
  • 4 Way Stretch = increase mobility
  • Elite Hydrophobic Wicking = sweat evaporates quick
  • Strong Fabric = durable and resist piling
  • Custom Polyester & Spandex Blend
  • Great for performance athletes and high iImpact activities and dynamic workouts.
  • Each leg has the capacity for carrying 2 KILOGEAR Strong weights that weighs .50 pounds each. 
  • There is a third pocket for your cell phone or an extra weight! 
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