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Sold in sets of two.  Arm Bands come in three configuration options:

  • Bands Only - (no weights)
  • 1/2 LB per Arm Band - (1 pound total)
  • 1 LB per Arm Band - (2 pounds total)

The Arm Bands start with no weights. Your first step is to select your size, then select your weight configuration.

Each arm band has two built-in weight pockets that have the capacity to carry (2) Steady Weights per pocket. Each Steady weight weighs 1/4 LB (quarter pound). Fully loaded, each Arm Band can weigh 1 pound per arm. 

  • Two weights per band yields 1/2 pound per arm.
  • Four weights per band yields 1 pound per arm. Simply stack two weights upon one another. 
  • They don't sit on your joints thanks to our built-in "gripper", they fit snug on the forearm and they STAY there!


  • SMALL: 3 3/4 wide (8" opening overall)
  • Medium: 4 1/4 wide  (9 1/8 " opening overall)
  • Large:  5" wide (11 1/4 " opening over)


  • Built-In Gripper to prevent slippage
  • Breathable and Fashionable Fabric
  • Each arm has two weight pockets that hold the Steady weights. Each Steady Weight weighs .25 pounds! 
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