Women's Weighted Power Shrug

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This is one of our favorite products! Our weighted long sleeve shrug is the only weighted shrug in the world! Put it on and take it off easily without touching your hair or make-up. Pair it with your favorite tank, tshirt or sports bra! Each arm has the capacity to carry four of our KILOGEAR CUT Steady Weights. Each Steady Weights weigh .25 LBS. We recommend that you start half loaded on each arm! 

Step #1 - Select your size and color

Step #2 - Add your weight kit

  • Super Crop Length
  • Lightweight and Breathable Materials
  • Four weight pockets per arm 
  • White, Navy and Black are UVA and UVB protective
  • Weights Sold Separately
Sizing chart
Women's Weighted Power Shrug
XS / White / Half Loaded: 1/2 Pound per Arm - $100.00
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