Men's Weighted Perforated Short Sleeve

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Our Men's Weighted Perforated Performance Short Sleeve is an ULTRA-BREATHABLE short sleeve that balances the heat, so you can train more comfortably. It is light weight, made from perforated mesh that helps circulate airflow. 

Each arm has the capacity to hold (3) three of our Steady weights (single stacked) or (6) six of Steady weights (double stacked). Each Steady weight weighs .25 LB pounds. The added resistance provided by the KILOGEAR weights require your body to work harder, in every activity. Now you can train around the clock or take your training to the next level, without even knowing it! 


  • Each arm has the three weight pockets
  • Uses our Steady Weights (.25 LB each)
  • Perforated Polyester
  • Comfortable and relaxed body fit
  • Can be worn under dress shirts to work!
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