2019 World Championships

First Step


Pre-Order and benefit from:

  • Free Pickup.
  • Use code CLRG for a special discount.
  • Zero taxes.
  • Use for Warmups.

Second Step

Book your spot in our Pre-Competition Warm Up Room

Pre-Competition & Post Competition Warm Up Room

What do you get?

  • A dedicated room for warmups and cool downs.
  • Help with preparing your dancer’s body and mind for their competition.
  • Dedicated staff, mats, water and most importantly, a sanctuary for preparing you to compete.

If you have your own routine and want a less stressful place to warm up, you are also welcome here.

Price: $10 per session.

Frequency: Twice a day - morning and afternoon.

Third Step

Book your spot in our Pre-Competition Mindset Clinic

Pre-Competition Mindset

Book your spot in one of our Pre-Competition Mindset Clinics the day before your competition, so you are mentally ready for your upcoming competition.

  • Learn and practice elite visualisation skills, positive thinking and breathing techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence and increasing peak performance thinking.
  • Classes teach dancers and teams how to train safely by providing coaching and techniques on how to increase range of motion and improve joint mobility and stability.
  • Specific classes scheduled with a focus on Ceili and elite Adult/Senior preparation.

Price: $25 per class.

Frequency: Two classes per day, both in the afternoon after recalls and before awards.

Fourth Step

Book your Irish Dance Fit Assessment

Irish Dance Fit Assessment

Do you know how you stack up compared to your competitors? Are you ready to get real about what you need to improve?

Our fit assessments are:

  • Designed by doctors and will help you establish a performance baseline.
  • Identifying your weak areas.
  • Help you develop a plan to help you improve.

Book your fit assessment while you are at WORLDS. The test is simple and painless, a great way for the dancer, teacher and parent to know exactly where the dancer stands.

Price: $30 per class.

Frequency: Every 30 mins - 9AM to 6PM.

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