Immerse in 3 days of fitness, mindset and the learning continuation of the Fusion Fighter Dance and performance techniques.

About the camp


Camp Organizers:

KILOGEAR CUT and Fusion Fighters

Registration Deadline:

June 9th, 2019


$149 – This fee includes a 1-Day Camp.

$299 – This fee includes a 2-Days Camp.

$399 – This fee includes a 3-Days Camp.

Age Restrictions:


Dancer Level:

Advanced Beginners, Prelim & Champs. Intro and beginning classes to be announced.


Depending on the package you choose you will either get a short sleeve top or a short sleeve top and shorts. If you do not already have weights for the KILOGEAR Product you can purchase separately and they will be available on the day you start your chosen camp. Additional camp gear available for sale (shorts, leggings and tights).

Order today and get your gear at the Camp registration.

SESSION #1 - SEATTLE - 9TH TO 11TH JULY Session #1

Seattle - 9th to 11th July

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SESSION #2 - HOUSTON - 16TH TO 18TH JULY Session #2

Houston - 16th to 18th July

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Rochester - 22nd to 24th July

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SESSION #4 - COLUMBUS OHIO - 26TH - 28TH JULY Session #4

Columbus Ohio - 26th - 28th July

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Philadelphia - 30th July - 1st August

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KILOGEAR CUT and Fusion Fighters

About the Camp

Advanced Beginners, Prelim and Champ campers are immersed in 3 days of fitness, mindset and the learning the continuation of the Fusion Fighter Dance and performance techniques.

The camp trains and develops all levels of dancers in various style of performance Irish Dance, while training their bodies and minds on the stage, and off the stage.

The camp culminates in a unique camp performance at each region.

About the 3 Day Program

3 Day experience that educates, prepares and develops them from a fitness, a mindset and dance perspective. Each day dancers are trained physically through custom warm ups, exercise programs and cool down techniques.

Our expert instructors not only train the dancers physically, they will train them mentally! Campers are introduced to mindset training, helping them to prepare and deal with challenges and setbacks they will face prior, during and after competitions and performances.

By incorporating the fitness and mindset programming, campers are set up to learn and develop the Fusion Fighters Irish dance techniques, Body Percussion, Tap Dance, and more, culminating in a camp performance and video on the last day.

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Why the KILOGEAR Fusion Fighters Fitness Camp Fusion is so Unique

These three-day camps are meant to infuse a new passion and approach to Irish Dance. We not only incorporate the best ways to train the body (warming up, exercising, cooling down), we will train the campers on how to mentally prepare and deal with frustrations, setbacks, disappointments, injuries, etc...

The most important aspect to all of this is the fact that every component is founded on FUN. By combining the KILOGEAR CUT workouts and our new range Fusion Fighters/ KILOGEAR Cut performance gear with the Fusion Fighters training, campers will become both stronger and better dancers.

They will see real results and feel the difference! Our holistic approach provides benefits for the dancers that far outlast the camp.

TOP 5 Reasons to Attend the KILOGEAR Fusion Fighter Fitness Camp

1- This is the only camp providing next level conditioning, mindset training and unique dance training for campers of almost all ages!

2- Campers will leave with the training and tools to train at home both physically and mentally.

3- Campers will learn new ways to create and express their passion for Irish Dance.

4- Campers get to spend 3 days with some of the best Irish dancers and choreographers in the world, including the KILOGEAR Fitness Master Instructors and Fusion Fighters Performance Instructors who will be looking for dancers to join their upcoming corporate shows and future tours!

5- Each camp culminates in a camp performance/ video, where parents, friends and family are invited to watch and learn how the camp has made an impact in that campers’ life!


A Day at the Camp

Typical Day

- Warm up and Fitness Sessions

- Fusion Fighters Sessions (basic drills and steps as well as some brand-new FF performance choreography.)

- Guest speakers

- Mindset training

*Each day varies, providing an exciting and socially engaging environment that promotes fitness, mindset, dance creation and inclusion.

Dress Code

Campers are encouraged to wear and train in the new Fusion Fighters KILOGEAR Cut Performance Gear. This will help prepare dancers get the most out of the camp, but also learn how to train at home, after the camp.


Campers need to bring their lunch, water and snacks for the day.


Choreographers and instructors include Chris Naish and other celebrated instructors.


Housing is the responsibility of the camper.

Campers that wish to travel to the regional camps are advised to reach out to the KILOGEAR Fusion Fighter Camp team to help coordinate accommodations with other like campers.

During the day, campers are supervised. Campers under 13 are assigned senior dance mentors that will guide them through the camp day.

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