North American Irish Dance Championships

Train every muscle and energy system to optimize results and lower the risk of injury.

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Irish dancing is no longer about “natural talent.” Those dancers that put in the hours, train every muscle and energy system to optimize their entire being will ultimately get the results and lower the risk of injury. Correcting dances should be left to the teachers, but what about everything else? The mindset, the physicality, the fitness, that’s where we come in. Unfortunately, the majority of dancers have significant muscle imbalances, which result from isolated training and thus neglecting their bodies as a whole.

We at KILOGEAR can provide expert biomechanical analysis to break down exactly what muscle groups are weak and immobile so that your training is custom-fit to what you need. This program has been created by Doctors of Physical Therapy, master fitness coaches and professional Irish dancers.

KILOGEAR Fitness is an expert-designed program tailored to train exactly what the judges look for. To get started, get a baseline Analysis from one of our staff, or a PRO Assessment from our Master Fitness Coach’s.

The Assessment

KilogearPRO Assessment

Get a custom Kilogear PRO assessment and personal report breaking down the muscle groups that are undertrained or immobile and receive custom training advice!!!!

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KilogearPRO Assessment

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